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A Bit from a 2009 Sunset Abandoned Building Adventure...

This building is located in the county of Massac...  I had the opportunity to photograph it in 2009 on the "Laidlaw Sunset Adventu...

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A Few Glimpses of the 2012 MCHS Homecoming Parade

I DO so enjoy Homecoming Parade Day, but I'm so sorry to say that without Willy Jak's operating at full steam as the parade rolled by, it was not quite the same as last year and years past... 

Regarding the shooting of the Homecoming Parade, before I left yesterday I sat down to go through an  external hard drive and try to figure out how many years worth of Homecoming parades I have.  If I'm not mistaken I have video and photo footage of the last four years and as I continue to get organized I'm going to pull that footage from the depths and show it to you here and at KCoJax.SmugMug.com

As for yesterday's shoot, it was a beautiful day for a parade and I've been a bit "underground", so I saw several people yesterday I hadn't seen in ages... All in all, a great day... 

Here are a few of my faves... 

I was evidently delaying a trip to "the DQ" or something
because youngest kiddo pictured here looks a little disgruntled with my presence... 

This gorgeous dahling HAD to leave the park yesterday thinking, "What was up with the crazy lady with the camera..."  She saw me just as I was about to take the shot and grinned from ear to ear...  I then went over and told her that what I was shooting was the way she looked all "Jenny in Forest Gump" standing there with her sign and her headband staring off into the abyss... So she resumed her prior stance... 
 I did something with this shot that I don't normally do and that was to "tweak the perspective and whatnot" ...
I'm self taught, so I don't know what that's technically called. :)  It didn't turn out exactly as I had hoped...
But I was taken by the upward symetry of the peak of the church, the cheerleaders arm and the flag... 
And THIS... This one might go on record as one of my favorite candid shots of all time...
Happy Faces!! Someone please let me know who this man in the red hat is... he has a wonderfully soulful face and smiling eyes and I would love to shoot him again sometime.. 

Well ... that's all I have for today, gang ... Thank you so much for stopping by to check in. You Can *Like* KCoJax Candids on Facebook
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The photos from yesterday's parade shoot, as well as everything else on my hard drive (as I get it uploaded) is/will be available for purchase at KCoJax.SmugMug.com - You'll be able to browse by specific shoots, particular events and also you'll have a chance to pick up a canvased shot of the Metropolis Bridge or something for your foyer wall :) 

*For More on My Projects, Google KCoJax, Flawn Ocho and Ocho-rific*

Have a grand and groovy day!
Be Kind To One Another...
and Don't Text and Drive! 

Labor Day Parade 2012 and SmugMug

I left my apartment yesterday morning about seven or so minutes after the parade started.  

I had slept late after having an amazing brainstorming, catching up and reminiscing session with one of my dearest friends on earth.  Actually I had slept late after staying up until 4 a.m. or so after our visit... writing, organizing and working on some of the projects we had discussed...

I arrived at Fort Massac to find that I had plenty of time to find my location and get in place.  I approached the officer who was blocking off the entrance of the fort (near Big John's) and asked him if the parade traffic would be filtered into the fort...

"Sure ... we can do that!", he said.

"Groovy! Thanks! I want to shoot the parade as it's entering the concrete Fort Gates and with the Laidlaw building in the background!!"

"Oh.. That'll be fine...", I wish he'd said it like Ward Cleaver, but he said it like an officer of the law.  

I shot a few shots from there and ran to the fort gate and waited for the parade to reach the east end of fifth street.  As the parade arrived I noticed the officer had moved his car, but was waving the parade into the gravel road that goes between Laidlaw and Big John's.

I was absolutely devastated, but he was apologetic so I brushed it off and shot from the street... You can see the slide show below - images, merchandise and whatnot will soon be available as the week progresses at http://kcojax.smugmug.com/CandidEvents/Labor-Day-Parade and http://www.cafepress.com/flawnocho/9339565

You can see some of my favorite shots below the video...

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Have A Grand and Groovy Day!
Be Kind to One Another..
and Don't Text and Drive! 

Here's a Coupon You Can ALL Use! (expires 10/17/2011)

As you folks know I'm very excited to have gotten things cranking with www.KCoJax.SmugMug.com in the last couple of weeks.  This is the site at which you can purchase prints and other goodies such as coasters and playing cards from your own photo shoot AND browse KCoJax© Local Flavor, my outlet for landscapes, nature and oddities taken in and around the Southern Illinois area.

This coupon code entitles you to a $5 discount on any purchase of $20 or more
through October 17th and may be used in all galleries at www.KCoJax.SmugMug.com

Coupon Code - KCoJaxHalloween

KCoJax Candids ~ the 2nd of a Few Updates ~ Openings This Week

In an effort to get the shutter snapping again 
I'll post my available slots for this week below.  

The openings below are $65 each and include all of the "keepers" 
on a disc sized to 4x6 and a copyright release.

Wednesday 09/28 -  5pm

Thursday - 09/29 - 4pm

Friday - 09/30 - 1pm

To snag one of these openings or schedule one for a future date...
Find me on Facebook at

Email me at

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KCoJax Candids ~ the 1st of a Few Updates...

I had an incident in which my camera bit the dust this summer. There've been a couple of backup cameras I was able to borrow here and there ... which has been a tremendous help, however it kept me from actively booking shoots, I just took the ones that fell in my lap...but didn't do any marketing. 

It turned out to be a blessing in disguise though because it's allowed me some time to set up my website and facebook page as well as set up KCoJax.SmugMug.com so that you fine folks have more options in purchasing your photographs.

In the past, I've charged one price which covers the sitting fee, photographs on a disc sized to 4x6 and a copyright release.  This KCoJax.SmugMug.com change will allow me to lower the sitting fee considerably in expectation of purchase, whereas before I wasn't affiliated with the subjects purchase end in any way.

Here's the lowdown ...
http://kcojax.smugmug.com/ will take you to a page with TWO departments, one of which is KCoJax Candids (hired shoots, by people such as yourself-divided by category) ... the other is KCoJax Local Flavor, which includes local landscapes and scenery; with the most recent shoots in the *Featured Gallery* bar. 

I've spent the last three days glued to my laptop tying up some of the loose ends on pricing, uploading and such ... and there are still some design tweaks that I want to get done in the next few weeks, but I'm ready to share the link and let you folks in on it ... So when you finish up reading below I hope you'll run right off to www.KCoJax.SmugMug.com and take a look!!

I've made an effort to make the prices affordable based on my cost and I'll be working on packages 

(especially for children's shoots) in the coming days and weeks... 

You can still follow KCoJax Candids on Facebook and share the link as often as you wish.
You never know ... if I notice you've shared it a few times,
you might receive a photo credit in your email in-box!! :)

KCoJax Candids©

Photography is an absolute love of mine. 

I like nothing better than to watch an event ...
or even an ordinary day through a lens. 

My first real experience with photography came in Fall of 1994 when I went to work for Glamour Shots!  I began as a Wardrobe Coordinator and right on the cusp of the Christmas season .. there wasn't a better time to be dropped into the bucket o' fun that was Glamour Shots than the Christmas Season!  Bustiers, feather boas and rhinestone jewelry galore!!  In retro-spectavision, it leaves me with a taste of absolute kitsch!

I began to ask to work as photog assistant.  I really wanted to go in the studio.  I loved the flashing and the action. I loved working with the photographer to help people break down their walls and have fun.

Around Spring-time, I began to really train to shoot.  By the time Christmas rolled around again I was completely comfy in the studio.  I went on to work for Glamour Shots on and off until June of 2001.

My love of photography has continued to grow and as of 2009 I began tinkering with photography as a hobby again and formed the Shutterbug Coalition.

My love of catching those moments that tend to slip by un-captured has flourished this year.  In Spring of 2010 a friend of many years asked me to "stalk" he and his family on an outing.  There plan was to just go hang out and spend the day together .. but they wanted it on film as the oldest son was about to leave for U.S. Army basic training.  He offered me a particular amount of money to go along for the day and just follow them everywhere, shooting candid pics.  We toyed with it and had fun ... sometimes a shot was missed or it was "close to perfect" and we'd re-stage it.

I came home that evening, inviting the friend to join me and we put on a pot of java to look at the pics. 

We sat at my kitchen table with hundreds and hundreds of pics and began deleting the blurry ones, the closed eyes, the weird faces ... we laughed ... we cried ... we talked about how precious these photos are now and how very, very precious they'll be some day when this fabulous Dad is hunkered over and can no longer go out and rough house with his boys and swing his daughter around in the air...

I never charged that friend the full amount for the photo shoot, because he helped me to realize many things that day. 

More about that family and other amazing subjects later, but suffice it to say .. I am my most delighted when looking at life through a lens.  If you'd like your life looked at through that lens, please get in touch with the email address below.

- For more information -

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KCoJax Candid Kids© - Mary Beth's First Day of Pre-School

After waking to a real gloomy gus of a Tuesday with overcast skies, the sunshine popped out just in time for Mary Beth to take her first trip to Pre-School!


Good Morning, Miss Mary Beth!  Isn't this an exciting day??!!

 Let's stop and give it some thought ...
Hikin' up the big girl panties ...!
I've Got This! :)
I think I can ... I think I can ...
Uh Oh ... What if I can't?
I was right the first time ... I've got this! :)
Here so soon???!!! 

They look nice...

Yup! I've got this! :)


***Under Construction*** KCoJax Candids© - "Nuptials at Blue Sky" - October - 2010

Kerri and Jeremy Evans


The Organizing of Little Dahlings

Sadie Rose ... a girl and her Dr. Pepper ...
See the Facebook Album of this event ... in progress!


Blue Sky Vineyard is obviously a lovely location for any event ...
For more information on Blue Sky Vineyard, peruse the links below. 

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