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Liam and Great Grandpa Comer Grab Some Grub...

I captured these shots at my folks' house during my Grandma Comer's 84th Birthday gathering  last month ...  I got such a kick out of watching my Dad and his great-grandson Liam enjoy their dinner over chit chat and discussing world events...

See more "non-portrait" tom-foolery (i.e. travel photography, bridges, barns and such...) in my retail store, Flawn Ocho... See a hodge-podge of everything when you *Like* the KCoJax Candids Facebook Page... 


Birthdays - Madison


11/13/2010 - Hanging with Sal - **Under Construction**


KCoJax Candid Kids© - Mary Beth's First Day of Pre-School

After waking to a real gloomy gus of a Tuesday with overcast skies, the sunshine popped out just in time for Mary Beth to take her first trip to Pre-School!


Good Morning, Miss Mary Beth!  Isn't this an exciting day??!!

 Let's stop and give it some thought ...
Hikin' up the big girl panties ...!
I've Got This! :)
I think I can ... I think I can ...
Uh Oh ... What if I can't?
I was right the first time ... I've got this! :)
Here so soon???!!! 

They look nice...

Yup! I've got this! :)




KCoJax Candid Kids© - Sophia's Downtown Adventure

Sophia seemed first glance.. not quite so sure that she was interested in being
followed around with a camera.

For one brief moment I feared we were about to get on the Gloomy Gus Bus but the tied turned...


It didn't take her long to warm up...

...and start running...

 ...challenging me to keep up... she investigated anything that caught her interest...


Sophia investigated the fountain ...
...the train...

...and took a break for dancing...
though she did not break dance...

...and then she just took a break,
because we were both worn out!  :)

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