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A Bit from a 2009 Sunset Abandoned Building Adventure...

This building is located in the county of Massac...  I had the opportunity to photograph it in 2009 on the "Laidlaw Sunset Adventu...

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Labor Day Parade 2012 and SmugMug

I left my apartment yesterday morning about seven or so minutes after the parade started.  

I had slept late after having an amazing brainstorming, catching up and reminiscing session with one of my dearest friends on earth.  Actually I had slept late after staying up until 4 a.m. or so after our visit... writing, organizing and working on some of the projects we had discussed...

I arrived at Fort Massac to find that I had plenty of time to find my location and get in place.  I approached the officer who was blocking off the entrance of the fort (near Big John's) and asked him if the parade traffic would be filtered into the fort...

"Sure ... we can do that!", he said.

"Groovy! Thanks! I want to shoot the parade as it's entering the concrete Fort Gates and with the Laidlaw building in the background!!"

"Oh.. That'll be fine...", I wish he'd said it like Ward Cleaver, but he said it like an officer of the law.  

I shot a few shots from there and ran to the fort gate and waited for the parade to reach the east end of fifth street.  As the parade arrived I noticed the officer had moved his car, but was waving the parade into the gravel road that goes between Laidlaw and Big John's.

I was absolutely devastated, but he was apologetic so I brushed it off and shot from the street... You can see the slide show below - images, merchandise and whatnot will soon be available as the week progresses at http://kcojax.smugmug.com/CandidEvents/Labor-Day-Parade and http://www.cafepress.com/flawnocho/9339565

You can see some of my favorite shots below the video...

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