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KCoJax Local Flavor - Metropolis, Illinois - Home of Superman and Myself ...


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A Brief History - Greater Metropolis Convention & Visitors Bureau


Founded in 1839, William McBane and James Wilcox named their town Metropolis. And why shouldn’t they? Located near many rivers, and situated on the Ohio, the founders felt their fledgling community was destined to become a bustling city. In the early years it was indeed a thriving town, thanks to riverfront industries ranging from ship and lumber yards to button and stove factories.

As river traffic gave way to rail and road, the city did not grow as envisioned, but Metropolis remained a great place to live. Many charming, historical homes, and iron-front commercial buildings still stand today as witnesses to history.

Modern culture, too, has roots in Metropolis. A native son of Metropolis, born in 1883, Oscar Micheaux became one of the most influential figures in African American silent cinema in the early 20th century.

In 1972 Superman adopted Metropolis as his hometown, bringing new fame to the city.

With a proud past and an eye towards the future, Metropolis welcomes the world every day. Come join us!


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