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A Bit from a 2009 Sunset Abandoned Building Adventure...

This building is located in the county of Massac...  I had the opportunity to photograph it in 2009 on the "Laidlaw Sunset Adventu...

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Photography is an absolute love of mine.  I like nothing better than to watch an event ... or even an ordinary day through a lens. 

My first real experience with photography came in Fall of 1994 when I went to work for Glamour Shots...

I began as a Wardrobe Coordinator and right on the cusp of the Christmas season .. there wasn't a better time to be dropped into the bucket o' fun that was Glamour Shots than the Christmas Season!
Bustiers, feather boas and rhinestone jewelry galore!!  In retro-spectavision, it leaves me with a taste of absolute kitsch!

I began to ask to work as photog assistant.  I really wanted to go in the studio.  I loved the flashing and the action. I loved working with the photographer to help people break down their walls and have fun.

Around Spring-time, I began to really train to shoot.  By the time Christmas rolled around again I was completely comfy in the studio.  I went on to work for Glamour Shots on and off until June of 2001.

My love of photography has continued to grow and as of 2009 I began tinkering with photography as a hobby again and formed the Shutterbug Coalition.

My love of catching those moments that tend to slip by un-captured flourished...

In Spring of 2010 a friend of many years asked me to "stalk" he and his family on an outing.  There plan was to just go hang out and spend the day together .. but they wanted it on film as the oldest son was about to leave for U.S. Army basic training.  He offered me a particular amount of money to go along for the day and just follow them everywhere, shooting candid pics.  We toyed with it and had fun ... sometimes a shot was missed or it was "close to perfect" and we'd re-stage it.

I came home that evening, inviting the friend to join me and we put on a pot of java to look at the pics. 

We sat at my kitchen table with hundreds and hundreds of pics and began deleting the blurry ones, the closed eyes, the weird faces ... we laughed ... we cried ... we talked about how precious these photos are now and how very, very precious they'll be some day when this fabulous Dad is hunkered over and can no longer go out and rough house with his boys and swing his daughter around in the air...

I never charged that friend the full amount for the photo shoot, because he helped me to realize many things that day. 

More about that family and other amazing subjects later, but suffice it to say .. I am my most delighted when looking at life through a lens.  If you'd like your life looked at through that lens, please get in touch with the email address below.
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