KCoJax Local Flavor - Local and Travel Photography

((Under Construction - 04/2014))

This project began to develop the day I was sitting at my desk and googled a nationally known local landmark only to find that they were using my photographs on their website.  Rather than become angry and try to get the photos taken down, or even ask for proper credit, I simply realized I had one more creative project that I was extremely excited to launch...

Fairs, Festivals, Parades and Town Gatherins is where you'll find of the "local hoopla" here in Metropolis, Illinois - home of Superman and myself... 

Paducah, Kentucky is situated just across the river from my home here at the southern tip of Illinois and provides a LOT of eye candy - especially in the Downtown Area.. 

Nashville, TN is a big ole favOrite road trip of ours and we try to make it as often as possible... In the Nashville, Tn area you'll find all kinds of Nashville sights and goodies - including but not limited to Third Man RecordsMarcy Jo's MealhouseArnold's Meat & 3


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