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A Bit from a 2009 Sunset Abandoned Building Adventure...

This building is located in the county of Massac...  I had the opportunity to photograph it in 2009 on the "Laidlaw Sunset Adventu...

10/14 Update - Soccer at Civitan - Massac County Warriors

Good Morning and Happy Friday! 

You'll find below everything you ever wanted to know about *Soccer at Civitan*
If there's anything I missed ... or anything you're still pondering, please email questions/comments/etc to me at kjacksonnoggin@gmail.com with Massac Warriors in the subject line.

 All of the photographs from that day have been edited and posted 
(excluding the group shot, more on that below) 
and can be found at the following two links.  

The first link contains photographs that were completed and edited for Monday's preview.  
The second link contains everything that was uploaded after Monday's preview

Prints may be ordered from the links above. 

I gave detailed information on what items are available, how to order and other details that may be important to you.  Tuesday's blog also contains details on things like t-shirts, tote bags, and more created with images from the shoot.  If any assistance is needed in viewing or ordering, please feel free to email me at kjacksonnoggin@gmail.com with Massac Warriors in the subject line.

The Low Down on Group Photographs

Group images will be edited and uploaded before Sunday at 11pm and I will be providing each teammate with a 4x6 of the group shot at no charge as a token of my appreciation for such a fun group!

Frequently Asked Questions

"I've already ordered my prints/disc...when will I get my stuff?"

Delivery will be on Monday October 24 (one week from this Monday) for all orders placed and paid in full on Monday's "Preview Day".

Frequently Asked Questions

"I am so confused, I want everything... My head is spinning with ideas of putting one of the custom designed t-shirts in my little dahling's Christmas stocking, giving the grandparents a deck of customized cards and getting a tote bag for myself...  
I've added it up, I've spent a fortune and 
I haven't even added the prints yet... I'm freaking out!!!"

Okay, well .. now let's don't freak out :)  
Though I've been photographing since the mid 90's; I've only recently begun to do it to "feed myself" :)  Therefore I'm quite open to the idea of things such as referral bonuses and the like.  If while adding up your wish list, you have chosen what you feel to be a tremendous amount of "extras", just email me at kjacksonnoggin@gmail.com and tell me what's on your wishlist and we'll figure something out.  

Frequently Asked Questions

"Money is tight right now and I would like to order later on.  
For how long will the proofs be available online?"

The proofs will remain online forever and you may order and reorder at any time.  The packages that have been created for this shoot will remain online for the foreseeable future and will only be removed or adjusted if  prices from the lab require me to do so.

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